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Wine Judging Made Simple

Wine judging has been a bit of a mystery topic to me topic, but thanks to the Wine Judging Made Simple seminar at Sunday's 36th Annual Virginia Wine Festival, I now have a great understanding of the process! Walter Rachele, a graduate of the American Wine Society Wine Judge Training Program and judge in their commercial [...]

Aromas of Wine: Describing Aromas & Using Them in Tastings

Wine contains thousands of scents and only a handful of tastes so aromas play a big part in wine tasting. The Aromas of Wine workshop at the fourth annual Wine Bloggers Conference taught us the facts behind how we get aroma from a wine and how we to describe aromas and use them in tastings. [...]

The Concise World Atlas of Wine

Doing some reading on Bordeaux wines (even after spending several days there last April, there's still much to digest) and thought I'd share with you one of my great wine resources, The Concise World Atlas of Wine. Now in its sixth edition (published in September 2007), this publication first came out 36 years ago in 1971. [...]

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What’s Your Wine Style?

Last month I was reading an issue of Food & Wine magazine at my girlfriend's house and found this great  "Find Your Wine Style" quiz. It's great if you're new to wine or looking to try something new! Which do you drink? Whole Milk - Go for richer, more full-bodied wines - California Chardonnay for [...]

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