Rosés or Roses?

I’ll take the Rosés, please!

From Italy and France, here are my two current favorite Rosés perfect for everyday or a little gift for that special someone (instead of or with the roses)!

Santa Cristina Cipresseto Toscana IGT Rosato 2014

  • Variety: Sangiovese and other complimentary varieties from Tuscany
  • Aroma: Red fruits
  • Taste: A bold yet balanced wine full of raspberry and strawberry notes
  • Price: $14
  • My thoughts: Love a Rosato (Italian Rosé) and this Santa Cristina is a great one full of my favorite color, pink! The wine was given it’s name for the cypress trees you see across the Tuscan landscape. Look forward to trying the 2015!

Cipresseto Rosato

Gérard Bertrand Cote des Roses 2014

  • Variety: Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah from Languedoc
  • Aroma: Refreshing strawberry
  • Taste: Light, fresh and fruity
  • Price: $15
  • My thoughts: It’s like sipping a glass of Rosé on the Mediterranean! This classic combo of French Rosé grapes is the perfect example from the South of France. And bonus…Rose on the bottom of the beautiful bottle.

Gerard Bertrand Rose

Cote de Roses-1

Cheers, Saluté, Santé to Rosé!

Golden Globes Cutie Golden Minis

Awards Season 2016 is upon us which means one fabulous beverage…Champagne!

To celebrate Moët & Chandon‘s 25th Anniversary as the official Champagne of the Golden Globes, Moët has created a home viewing party kit just for you!

Moët Mini Champagne Caddy - - Good Spirits. Delivered.

The Moët Mini Caddy includes 6 Moët Impérial minis with golden snap-in mini flutes in a cute reusable caddy. Moët imported special golden bubble Minis, which will only be served on the red carpet and are included in this 25th Anniversary Caddy. Order yours on Reserve Bar.

For a glimpse at all the yummies served at this year’s Golden Globes, have a look here. For recipes, including this year’s official Golden Globes cocktail Moët Ruby Red, click here.

Cheers to The Globes and Awards Season!



Sileni Estates NANO: THE Wine for On-the-Go

I’ve discovered THE wine for on-the-go…Sileni Estates NANO.

Sileni Estates Nano

I picked it up on at the beach in Sea Island, Georgia at their market (more on this fabulous place in a new post). NANO is the perfect on-the-go size and comes in a plastic bottle with a cute cup. If Sea Island has it, it must be good.

Sileni Vineyards and Winery is based near Hastings, Hawke’s Bay, on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand. In Roman mythology Bacchus, the God of Wine, had wise and loyal companions know a Sileni, who loved to celebrate good food, good wine and good company. Thus their name.

I bought and tried the Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

Sileni Estates NANO Sauvignon Blanc

  • Variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
  • Region: Marlborough, New Zealand
  • Aroma: Grapefruit and tropical fruits
  • Taste: Classic tropical and gooseberry flavors
  • Price: $4.99 for a plastic bottle and cute cup (basically one glass of wine)
  • My thoughts: As I said above, this is the best single serving wine-on-the-go I’ve found in the U.S. It’s a classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Look at this great line up on their website. Must find more.

Sileni Nano | The glass of wine you can take anywhere


Cheers to summer wine on-the-go!

#pinkiesdown: it’s wine in a can

Love that hashtag. You’ll find it on Union Wine Company’s Underwood Pinot in a Can. It sums up their approach to wine and wine making…making crafted wines from Oregon that are affordable.

Underwood is just one of three wine brands from Union Wine Company.  They also have Kings Ridge and Alchemist.

Union Wine Company

Underwood draws from the diverse palette of vineyards and wine growing regions that Oregon offers to create approachable everyday drinking wine.

I’d been interested in trying the wine in a can since it came out and finally came across it at Cordial Wine in DC’s Union Market. And boy was it fun popping a can of wine. 🙂

Underwood Pinot in a Can

Underwood Pinot Gris

  • Variety: 100% Pinot Gris
  • Aroma: Peach and grapefruit
  • Taste: Peach, grapefruit, pear
  • Price: $24 for a 4 pack one their website. One can is 375ml so half a bottle.
  • My thoughts: Loved it! Definitely gonna order more of this for the summer…perfect for the beach, picnics, concerts in the park. You can smell the goodness in the can and the taste is right on Oregon Pinot Gris.

Underwood Pinot Noir

  • Variety: 100% Pinot Noir
  • Aroma: Cherry
  • Taste: Cherry, raspberry, hints of cocoa
  • Price: $24 for a 4 pack on their website. One can is 375ml so half a bottle.
  • My thoughts: Picked up a little cherry on the nose in the can. Taste had much more depth but a light Pinot Noir. Still a great summer red option…would be great with a slight chill.

Also ordering their Underwood Rosé bottle. Looks gorgeous and only $12.

You can’t go wrong with Oregon Pinot! #pinkiesdown cheers!

Check Out this Aerating Wine Glass

For Christmas this year, I received a set of Borgonovo Aerating Wine Glasses. I love trying new wine gadgets and gizmos so was looking forward to trying these.

Borgonovo Wine Glass

“The aerating wine glass has been scientifically tested to enhance the aromas and flavors of wine,” says the brochure inside. And there are additional advantages to the glasses…

  • Quick wine oxygenation, without a decanter.
  • Up to 30% decrease of alcohol absorption in the blood.
  • A possible decrease of calorie absorption.
  • Decrease of sensorial perception of alcohol.

While I’m not sure about ALL of the promises above, what I can say is that it definitely enhances the wine, both reds and whites that I’ve tried with the glasses, and it’s a nice looking. Both characteristics I would expect from Italian wine glass makers!

No decanting required, you pour your wine into the glass and swirl counter-clockwise. “The wine is agitated against the internal ‘optic ribs’ of the glass causing a chemical reaction to take place which results in a release of unwanted carbon dioxide, while the flavors and aromas are intensified.”

I’ve tasted each wine I’ve poured in the glass before and after swirling / aerating. The wines have opened up in aroma and taste with the swirling, much more so than your usual wine glass. I like the taste of the wine much better and get less heat in the mouth, which is typically an indicator of alcohol levels.

They come in four sizes. My 16 ounce variety is here on Amazon.

All in all, a great wine find. Cheers!