For Christmas this year, I received a set of Borgonovo Aerating Wine Glasses. I love trying new wine gadgets and gizmos so was looking forward to trying these.

Borgonovo Wine Glass

“The aerating wine glass has been scientifically tested to enhance the aromas and flavors of wine,” says the brochure inside. And there are additional advantages to the glasses…

  • Quick wine oxygenation, without a decanter.
  • Up to 30% decrease of alcohol absorption in the blood.
  • A possible decrease of calorie absorption.
  • Decrease of sensorial perception of alcohol.

While I’m not sure about ALL of the promises above, what I can say is that it definitely enhances the wine, both reds and whites that I’ve tried with the glasses, and it’s a nice looking. Both characteristics I would expect from Italian wine glass makers!

No decanting required, you pour your wine into the glass and swirl counter-clockwise. “The wine is agitated against the internal ‘optic ribs’ of the glass causing a chemical reaction to take place which results in a release of unwanted carbon dioxide, while the flavors and aromas are intensified.”

I’ve tasted each wine I’ve poured in the glass before and after swirling / aerating. The wines have opened up in aroma and taste with the swirling, much more so than your usual wine glass. I like the taste of the wine much better and get less heat in the mouth, which is typically an indicator of alcohol levels.

They come in four sizes. My 16 ounce variety is here on Amazon.

All in all, a great wine find. Cheers!