‘Heaven, Purgatory & Hell’ at an Italian Spa

That enticement drew me to Grotta Giusti Natural Spa Resort...to be found in their 160-year old ancient cave. For my Mom's 60th birthday, we ventured from Amsterdam to Paris, Florence and a few relaxing days at the Tuscany spa. Grotta Giusti is a 19th century villa that belonged to the family of poet Giuseppe Giusti. [...]

Viareggio, a Tuscan Culture and Coast Weekend

Tuscany + Beach + Sea + Sun + Italian Food = What more could you ask for? It's all in Viareggio, on the Versilian Coast of Tuscany. Our first trip here, unlike the stop in Lucca, was totally planned. Mapping out our first Italian holiday adventure since moving to Europe, I thought what about a [...]

Lucca, a Tuscan Culture and Coast Weekend

A missed turn on the A12 in northwest Tuscany led us to Lucca, a medieval gem of a Tuscan town. (Original destination...Leaning Tower of Pisa...we saw it from the road. ;) ) And while only there for a few hours, we knew we'd return. Developed as a Roman city in 180 BC, Lucca sits inside still intact [...]

Tuscan Spa Bliss

Nestled in the heart of Southern Tuscany surrounded by the rolling hills of Val d'Orcia, you'll find Adler Thermae Toscana just outside the tiny medieval spa town of Bagno Bignoni. This spa town was the perfect respite along the Via Francigena, the ancient pilgrim way that once led from Canterbury to Rome, for many including [...]

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Montepulciano, Wine Town

The land of Southern Tuscany is one of quintessential hilltowns, grape vines, olive trees and big Tuscan red wines. Montepulciano is my favorite town to explore! The walled town on a high ridge thrived in the 16th century and is full of Renaissance palazzo like Piazza Grande lined with the town's unfinished Duomo. We arrived [...]

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