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Wine Discoveries: Greece

A smell and sip of the Assyrtiko...a bite of the Spanakopita...the Greek music playing in the background...for a moment, I was back in the Greek Islands. Alas it was Winesdays at my Alexandria, VA Whole Foods. But for an hour, as I walked around with my grocery cart sampling the five different Greek wine varietals [...]

Vendema Resort Santorini, ‘a legendary corner of paradise’

Built around a 400 year old winery in the quaint Santorini village of Megalochori, one of the oldest villages on the island, stands Vendema Resort.  Forty-five white washed villas look out to gorgeous views of the vineyards and Aegean sea creating what truly is, as they call it, "a legendary corner of paradise." I booked [...]

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Magical Santorini!

Magical! The perfect word to capture this indescribable island! I was amazed by its beauty as we pulled up to the Caldera (crater) with the towering cliffs arriving by boat from Mykonos. It's a one-of-a-kind place unlike any of the other Cyclades! Also known as Thira, the crescent-shaped island is a result of a volcano [...]

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Mykonos… ahhhh… the Greek Islands

...white, washed architecture with blue shutters & doors to match the azure blue sky & sea, sunshine, beaches, Aegean Sea, warm temperatures, delicious food, great wines, sunsets... its definitely one of my favorite spots! I've loved Greece from my first visit to Athens and love it more every time I go...especially after this trip. We [...]

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