Your Bordeaux Wine Itinerary

There's no better way to get to explore Bordeaux wine than being there in person! Last spring during our long weekend trip, I was able to try 30 wines from 14 of the 60 AOCs/regions. Here are the MUST GO's once you're there. * Your Wine Sign at La Winery La Winery, "A New Approach to [...]

Simplifying the Complex World of Bordeaux Wine, Part 2

Yesterday gave you a summary of Bordeaux wine. If you know that much, its a great start! Today I've provided a little more detail the Grape Varieties and Regions of Bordeaux, but still tried to keep it simple. * Bordeaux Grape Varieties Red Cabernet Sauvignon: The King of Bordeaux with rich tannins (what gives wine [...]

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Simplifying the Complex World of Bordeaux Wine, Part 1

Bordeaux is the largest fine wine region in the world and fifth largest wine district on earth. It has 60 appellations (AOCs / Appellation of Controlled Origin, the official wine regions of France) and 8,650 winemakers. No wonder it can be overwhelming! But with 2009 wines releasing and experts saying this may be the best vintage [...]

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Les Sources de Caudalie: THE Dream Wine & Spa Destination, part 3

The Hotel In '99 to share this beautiful property and all its offerings with the world the family opened the hotel, Les Source de Caudalie. Run by the Cathiard's other daughter Alice Tourbier, it has 40 rooms and 9 suites built around a picturesque lake.  The rooms and hotel are rustic charming with lots of [...]

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