As we set out on new paths and adventures this year, its interesting to take a look at what the year’s energy has in store for us. Natascha Hennessy, founder and teacher at my yoga studio Pure Prana, summarizes it in her new year newsletter.

“The number 11 symbolizes electric energy and spiritual excellence which requires us to be our highest selves. To be our true nature, we must maintain a consistent spiritual practice and harness the electrical flow of the Universe to purify and elevate our spirit in a new dimension of reality. 2011 is the Master year, a year about experience, commitment and the access of a new level of consciousness.  To access this energy, we must cultivate being in the moment, which allows us mastery over time. When are in the moment then we are ALWAYS in the right place at the right time.”

“The overall number for the year is 4, the heart center, making the keys for this year to relax, respond and listen. Through consistent spiritual practice, you will tap into the guidance of spirit and soul. You will easily connect to your heart and the heart of others.  This level of receptivity will amplify your heart’s desires.  Clarity is key here. Meditation will be essential.”

May we all harness 2011’s energy to make this the BEST year of our lives!!