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My favorite winery pleases again!

Just back from a long weekend in Florence and discovered two new things about my favorite winery, Fonterutoli, owned by the Mazzei family in Chianti, Italy. While hanging out in our fabulous hotel bar at Hotel degli Orafi overlooking the Palazzo Vecchio and Duomo, I picked up a cool new wine coffee table book they [...]


Favorite Red: Siepi from Castello di Fonterutoli

Two years after discovering this remarkable winery and its delicious wines, Siepi from Castello di Fonterutoli still reigns as my favorite red. It was a chance stop on our Autumn 2006 trip to Tuscany ... we were exploring Chianti for several days and still hadn't picked up any olive oil to take home. Thomas Cook's [...]


Highlights Of Italy

We've lived in Europe for two years now and have been lucky enough to travel all over the countries but Italy is one we keep going back too. We just made our 5th trip to this beautiful and diverse country. Here's our itinerary from Tuscany Autumn 2006 that includes my DON'T MISS highlights... Lucca, Radda [...]