There are more and more “on the go” wine packages out there. Last weekend at BOTTLEROCKET in New York City, I found a great Italian option!

Fuori Strada is the brand and winemaker…bringing you wines from ‘the road less traveled,’ fuori strada in Italian. The wines start with organic Italian grapes. They have two wines, Grillo 2011 from Sicily and Sangiovese from Tuscany.

The bright packaging catches your eye, and it’s good for the environment. The Tetra Pak carton uses 54% less energy, creates 80% less greenhouse gasses, produces 60% less solid waste volume and has 92% less package weight, compared to a 750ml glass wine bottle. PLUS with the packaging you get more for your money…250ml more than typicaly 750ml bottle.

The packaging also does a fun job of describing the product…classically Italian, beautifully balances, fresh and crisp, juicy citrus, lighter, sustaianable package. The wine is also suitable for vegans.

I picked up the white wine, Grillo, which is thought to have been used in one of Julius Caesar’s favorite wines.

Fuori Strada: Off Road Grillo 2011

  • Variety: Grillo from Sicily
  • Aroma: citrus, floral
  • Taste: balanced lemon and touch of tropical blossom with a honey finish
  • Price: $14 (available at BOTTLEROCKET in-store and online)
  • My thoughts: Really nice wine…one of best I’ve tasted in Tetra Pak! Grillo is similar to Pinot Grigio but has a bit more body, depth and characteristic.

Look forward to trying the Sangiovese.

Cheers, as always, to the road less traveled!