In Healdsburg, California last month on our Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, we stopped into the great little home furnishings store, Lime Stone (owned by Charlie Palmer’s wife Lisa), and found my new favorite wine gadget, The Wine Finer.

This 4-in-1 wine accessory is a brilliant design from Marcus Vagnby and Nuance, a Danish kitchen appliance, home and barware company. It does everything you need:

  • Wine Aerator: With 32 aeration and filter vents, it decants a whole bottle of red wine in 30 seconds. You can hear it as you pour the wine into each glass. Aerating red wine is good as thorough oxidation brings out the best tastes (I’ve also used it on whites).
  • Fine Strainer & Filter: An inner stainless screen filters out any sediment as you pour it into the glass.
  • Non-Drip Wine Pourer: Just insert in the bottle, pour and no drips!
  • Wine Stopper: Made of solid silicone, it fits tightly in the bottle and serves as a stopper for drinking later.

It was only $29.95! Now also in a deluxe version. No need to decant a full bottle at once…you can do it one glass at a time.

Cheers to the perfect wine gadget!