Very excited for tomorrow’s second-annual Champagne Day, Friday 28 October! What a great way to celebrate Friday!

Champagne Day started last year, by the Champagne Bureau, as a grassroots online effort to celebrate the sparkling wine that comes exclusively from the Champagne region of France. Tomorrow not only can you participate in the digital world, but there are a few events going on in Napa, DC, Boston, NYC and obviously France. Visit the Champagne Day Meetup site for more event info.

How to join the virtual tasting if you’re new…

  1. Get yourself on Twitter…it’s the best way to participate and virtually join the fun.
  2. Grab a bottle of Champagne…remember true Champagne ONLY comes from France.
  3. Pop open the bottle on Thursday and get online…use the #ChampagneDay hash tag in your tweets (you can also do on Facebook, Tweetdeck, etc…) … post about what you’re tasting, where you’re tasting, who you’re with. And follow #ChampagneDay on Twitter, Tweetdeck, etc.

Cheers to Champagne Day!