Yesterday was the 2nd annual #Cabernet Day, virtual wine tasting event + some live events hosted in a few cities. While I typically wouldn’t be drinking red wine yet (I like reds when its cold outside and/or I’m eating Italian), I jumped on the bandwagon, got out a few Cabs from my wine rack and settled in for the virtual Tweeting event.

It was a great time! Learned some fun facts about Cabernet Sauvignon (thank you Jordan Winery & Wine Library)…

  • Cabernet Sauvignon is a red wine grape that became famous in Bordeaux.
  • It grows well in any climate that isn’t too cool.
  • While California is another important region for this grape, it is grown all around the world and considered one of the six International Varietals.
  • Maintains its varietal identity no matter where its grown.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon’s parents are Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc.
  • Its flavor and aroma can be described as being reminiscent of blackcurrants or cassis.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon is high in tannin so it is often blended with other grapes.
  • Grapes are very tough with thick skins which resist disease.
  • 1 grape cluster = 1 glass 75 grapes = 1 cluster 4 clusters = 1 bottle  (that applies to any grape).

and tasted some new wines (thank you Arrogant Frog/Palm Bay International and Breaux Vineyards)…

  • Arrogant Frog 2010 Cabernet Sauvginon-Merlot Lily Pad Red:
    • from Languedoc in South of France between Mediterranean Sea and the Herault Valley
    • 55% Cabernet Sauvignon and 45% Merlot
    • Aroma: cassis, jammy, spice
    • Taste: smokey plum jam taste, smooth tannins, soft fruit finish, sweet vanilla linger
    • My thoughts: nice drinkable wine with or without food; I discovered this brand when living in Amsterdam and LOVED it…very fun and so excited to find it in the U.S.!
  • Breaux Vineyards 2007 Cabernet Franc Reserve:
    • from Purcellville, Virginia
    • 100% Cabernet Franc
    • Aroma: dark cherry, mint
    • Taste: roasted cherries, nuts, chocolate and a lot of caramel
    • My thoughts: complex special wine I think best drank on its own to enjoy the levels of flavor, perfect for a cold night by the fire, and as my husband said when he tasted it “what the hell, yum, WOW!”

#CabernetDay was put together by Rick Bakas with Bakas Media. The event reach was 4.5M people, 60M impressions, 17,000 tweets & 4,200 unique tweeters.

You can keep the Cabernet conversation going this month with Snooth’s Global Tasting Initiative.