I LOVE Prosecco and Bebé Prosecco by Siema Wines is one of my favorites! It’s fruit and floral aroma are followed by green apple and tropical flavor with a crisp refreshing acidity. Just popped open a bottle to celebrate this last weekend of summer :)

Baby Prosecco, or Bebé meaning young in Italian, is from the vineyards of Vini Tonon and made for Siema by Musaragno, a family-owned and operated vineyard, both in the Veneto Region (north of Venice) where all Prosecco comes from. Both these estates specialize in organically grown grapes, although none of our proseccos are certified organic in order to keep the cost of the wine down.

Whole Foods in Alexandria, Virginia always has this on hand for $9.99. For more on sparkling wines see my Sparkler Sampler post.

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