The final countdown is underway and by noon tomorrow (London time, 6am Eastern time), Kate & William will be married!  They’ll depart Westminster Abbey in a fairy-tale carriage for Buckingham Palace for the first of the day’s two parties, The Queen’s Reception followed in the evening by Prince Charles’ party.

Before the celebrating begins, at 1:25pm the Prince and Her Royal Highness the Princess William of Wales will appear on the Palace balcony for their public kiss!

Sounds like the perfect moment to pop a bottle of champagne! And why not a bottle of what’s being served at tomorrow’s events? Pol Roger!

The non-vintage choice of Pol Roger is breaking with tradition and causing quite a stir as it’s their first appearance at a royal wedding. The usual royal champagne of choice is Bollinger. Their 1973 Vintage was served at Charles and Diana’s wedding. But Pol Roger is reasonably priced at $50 a bottle allowing everyone to partake in the new tradition!

Cheers to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!