That sounds fantastic! And is currently a reality at 8 supermarkets in France thanks to Astrid Terzian, who developed the ‘La Cuve’ machine and concept through her company Reserves Precieuses. Its similar to an old Parisian tradition where customers would bring in a flagon (metal or ceramic pitcher) to wine shops.

With La Cuve, customers bring their own container to the supermarket to personally fill up … its environmentally friendly (much less packing needed and more efficiently shipped) and economical at about €1.45/liter (buy from 1 to 20 liters). Astrid’s company buys the wine from a coop…comes in red, white and rose. A recent selection was a Vin de Pays de la Mediterannee in red and rose. The machine holds 500 liters per type of wine. The first La Cuve was installed in June 2009.

Fingers crossed this is headed to the U.S but for now Vive la France!

Source: see more info & photos at Wine Terrior and Dr. Vino.