Within Pompeii‘s archaeological site, lie several vineyards reproduced from those that existed when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD destroying the city.  Thanks to the lava and mud, plaster casts were made of the grape vines and roots growing there at the time. The Applied Research Laboratory’s staff of the Soprintendenza Archeologica of Pompeii conducted studies on these and following the same cultivation techniques used in ancient Pompeii, Piedirosso andSciascinosograpes are now growing!  You can see them growing for yourself inside the largest vineyard, Forum Boarium vineyard, facing the ruins of the amphitheatre.

Partnering with Mastroberardino Family, making wine since 1878, the first vintage of Villa die Misteri was produced in 2001, only 1,721 bottles. According to official classification, Villa dei Misteri is a Pompeian IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica – Typical Geographical Information). Grapes used are 90% Piedirosso and 10% Sciascinoso. The harvest starts at the end of October. The wine was aged for twelve months in barriques, and for 6 additional ones in bottles. Its bouquet is complex,full and persistent, spicy and fruited. Its flavour is full, balanced, structured.

“It is our humble homage to a site which is part of the heritage of the entire world. – said Mastroberardino -Vine growing began here, and here, after 2000 years, we once more propose a wine made in Pompeii”.

It was the coolest thing to see in person! And while I tried to find the wine while we were there I was unsuccessful.  I might have to splurge for €130 on a European online wine sites so I can drink in this piece of history. Cheers!