Vinitalia!  This is about my favorite wine shop in Amsterdam and just turned me on to some great new Italians!

Vinitalia is a great little shop in the center of Amsterdam owned and run by Andrea. They have an exclusive collection from vineyards of Italy and their knowledge comes from years of personal experience from Andrea’s family winery in Piemonte called Goggiano & Co.

Two weeks ago I went for a wine night with my 3 best girlfriends in Amsterdam Natalie, Marijn & Jackie and boy does Andrea do a fabulous job!! In addition to hosting an amazing evening of antipasto perfectly paired with the selected wines, we tried these 4 new fantastic Italians!

We started with Monte Rossa Priva Cuvee Brut from Franciacorta. This sparkling wine is made of 85% Chardonnay & Pinot Bianco, 15% Pinot Nero which makes it very interesting. A floral and musty bouquet and full body taste from the oak aging vs the typical light Italian Prosecco. We paired it with wild boar salami, raspberries and a delicious cherry cookie.  Monte Rossa’s flavor changed with each… the raspberry pairing was my favorite. I gave this one 3 out of 4 stars.

Our 2nd white was Scaia Bianca 2007 from Tenuta Sant’Antonio.

This complex wine smells like a sweet Muscadet but tastes fresh and soft.  As Andrea says “the better the wine, the more complex.” Its made of Garganega 50%, Trebbiano Soave 30% and Chardonnay 20%. The Chardonnay grape is dried before added which gives it an added level of complexity. Wild boar sausage and mozzarella were great pairings and the grilled veggies made the wine even brighter.  4 out of 4 stars for me.

Our first red was Piasi 2006 from Andrea’s family vineyard in northern Italy, Goggiano. Its made from Barbera d’Asti grapes and aged in oak barrels.  Due to its long cellar life, strict selection process and excellent vintage, this wine can boast the title “Superiore.”  The bouquet was one of berries and vanilla with a cherry fruity taste. 3 out of 4 stars.

Last but certainly not least was Harmonium 2006 from Firriato in Sicily.  This 100% Nero d’Avola was a favorite of my friends. Andrea commented with his sip “wine is liquid music!” It has a deep dark ruby color with red fruit bouquet and black cherry caramel taste. 3 out of 4 stars.

Andrea does the wine tastings by appointment in a cute cozy room above his store. He picks out the wines with you and he’ll give you as much or as little information as you want throughout the evening’s tasting. The price is fantastic… usually about €40-50 per person. The spread is delicious with cheeses, meats, roasted veggies, breads, crackers, desserts.

Its not just a wine tasting, its a fabulous meal and always a fantastic time!