Found this really cool thing when we were at Eataly on our trip to New York City last week (the Italian marketplace, cafe, restaurants, bar founded in Turin with locations in Italy and Japan)… an EATinerari.

Right before you exit The Market check-out area onto 23rd Street, there’s a rather non-descript display of these boxes. Took a quick picture, as I didn’t have time to look further, so I could check it out when I got home.

Turns out this cute little box is “1 box = 1 trip = 1 free gift”…a one day prepaid itinerary with the aim of discovering where EATALY products come from. Cool!

There are 5 Bella Italia EATinterari‘s in the box to chose from…

  1. A Day Around Lunga: Tour the vineyards of Barolo
  2. Emilia Excellence: Understand how artisanal prosciutto and parmigiano are made
  3. Excellence Beers and Noble Wines: From a modern microbrewery to an old cellar
  4. Oliver ROI: See how the best olive oil is made
  5. The Tradition of the Tuscany Countryside: Wine tasting in Chianti

Eataly works with Liberi Tutti, a network of travel agencies based in Turin (home of the original Eataly), for details and booking. There are more EATinerari’s available on the Italian site (note I was having trouble calling up any of the details on the site and many things are in Italian).

Great for yourself for your next trip to Italy or a gift for a friend going. Salute!