With all the exercise and activity at the Ranch, you’ll definitely need to plan in relaxation! Plenty of perfect spots and treatments await.

I love destination spas for trying new and different treatments. While they have the usual offerings you find at home, it’s a great time to experiment. I mixed old and new during my week…

  • Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage: My 50-minute with Luz Ester was the perfect start to my stay. She kicked my butt in a good way… her strong technique got into the tight spots working deep to release toxins and prep me for the week.
  • Energy Balance Therapy: “This massage crystalizes spiritual healing in your energy field, helping you break free of any negative energy that may be limiting your mind and spirit.” Sounded good to me. It was a fabulous 90-minute treatment! Ninety minutes is the way to go!! The massage techniques were different…working the energy channels of your body…clearing the feet, legs, sacrum, spine, skull, arms. After each side, a fragrant herbal bouquet was used to rub down that part of the body…scents of sage, rosemary, cilantro, lavender. Felt lighter and energized after.
  • WATSU: Something you must try!  “It’s a passive form of aquatic bodywork/therapy that supports and gently moves you through warm water promoting a deep state of relaxation and dramatic changes in the autonomic nervous system.” A simple way to describe it is massage & body work in the water…like you’re in the womb. One hour in the 90+ degree pool with Dave and I was jelly! This was my second time with WATSU…this one much more dramatic and effective…pool bigger, water warmer, practitioner highly skilled. Once you let yourself relax, you have floaters on your legs and Dave holding/guiding you, it’s truly a freeing treatment. Floating weightless on my back, sun on my face… it was divine! Dave said within the next 24-48 hours to expect epiphany and ah-ha moments. I was ready and had some!
  • Reflexology: Pressure point work on your feet is very nice. This is the second time I’ve done a full hour session. The sensors on your feet connect with different parts of the body and the pressure point work relieves, relaxes, cleanses. Mona said all my organs felt good…just sinus, neck and shoulder pain she worked on. And I’ll tell you, all of those were sore after!
  • Five Elements: Reading about this in the material, I had to try it! Described as “the ancient medical Chinese tradition of seeking equilibrium and interconnection between all living beings inspires our ‘Five Elements,’ and our goal is to balance and restore Qi (vital) energy of the body and mind.” You chose water, wood, fire, earth or metal based on your needs. I chose metal, said to restore the mind and body’s harmony. This was an AMAZING 90-minute treatment! I don’t know whether it was the culmination of the week, the treatment or the combination of both but it woke up all the energy in my body and mind. Incredible!

Before and after treatments or anytime throughout your stay, the Ranch’s spa facilities offer quiet and cozy places to relax. My treatments were split between the Women’s Health Center & Lounge, nice older Mexican Colonial style, and the Villas Health Center, newer facility with soft Mexican tile decor. I enjoyed a soothing hot tub and steam room with fresh herbs after each treatment.

You’ll also find lounges amongst the casita areas, hammocks in the trees and comfy lounge chairs by the pool. My two favorite spots were the Villas Health Center rooftop lounge, a quiet undiscovered spot with nice hot tub, and the Villas Pool, great spot for sitting in the sun, looking at the palm trees and Mount Kuchumaa.

Here’s their full treatment menu.

After all of this, you must be hungry…let’s eat!