With the plethora of fitness classes and programming, you can be active in body and mind from sun-up to sun-down at the Ranch! Start your day with a 6am Mount Kuchumaa hike then end with a movie in the Library Lounge or one of the guest presenters/performers.

My perfect days consisted of two hours cardio, one hour yoga, one hour meditation, one to two hours classes, one to two hours spa/relaxation AND time for reading/writing. What a treat to do this for SIX straight days!

There are over 70 options per day to chose from…my goal was to try lots of new experiences!


Fitness is the focus of the Ranch. They initiated the “Fitness Week” concept…every hour each day offers three to five different classes and activities (for all different levels of experience) from 6am to 5pm, to help you achieve your 10,000 steps per day goal (about 4 miles for me).

Hikes are a big draw. I was up at 5:45am one morning for the Pilgrim Hike up the mountain. What an amazing experience! Starting off in the dark then watching the sunrise as we climbed. I met some wonderful ladies on the hike AND had my 10,000 steps in before 8am!

I started out the week with Fit Check to get a gauge of my fitness level (excellent thankfully!). Some of my other favorite fitness classes included…

  • NIA Dance: Taught by the cutest instructor Miya, this low impact dance inspired class is done without shoes, fun and a really good workout!
  • Foam Roller: Something I’ve wanted to try for a while, it focuses on balance, core AND releasing tension. Another favorite instructor, Manuel, taught this class. He’s a treat! Watch out for your ‘ouchie spots.’ :)
  • Cardio Muscle Blast: This will create ouchie spots. ;) An incredible 45-minute workout of fast cardio and strength intervals. Coco, one of the awesome twin instructors, kicked our butt in this.
  • H2O Sports Conditioning: Many years ago I did physical therapy in the water and it was amazing training. Several other water workout classes are also offered.

Yoga & Inner Self

Yoga was my original draw to the Ranch so one of my goals was daily yoga and meditation. Success and felt so good! The yoga studios and Milagro Meditation Loft are perfect spots looking out to the mountain and surroundings.

  • Yoga Sculpt: Yoga with weights. Whoa!! Manuel taught one day and Connie another day, the other twin. Slightly different styles but great workouts and a fresh take on your regular yoga practice.
  • Labyrinth: This gorgeous spot in the trees at the base of the mountain is a perfect meditation spot. It was a perfect session on my last evening…a meditative walk as the sun set and chimes rang in the wind.
  • Inner Journey Through Sound: Led by Susana Moore, these were incredible chakra opening meditative sessions using Crystal Bowls.

Classes, Workshop & Entertainment

This was the main reason I chose the specific week. As I’m also writing a picture book series (KeeKee’s Big Adventures), I saw Leslie McGuirk, a picture book writer and illustrator, was leading workshops, Quest for Inspiration, the week of 17 March. Not only was it fabulous to meet her and she was a wealth of knowledge/support, her workshops were fun and interactive providing participants with methods for increasing their creativity.

Additional special workshops and presenters during my visit included Autobiography and Memoir with Lawrence Grobel, Dream On: Exploring Your Dream World with Veronica Tonay, Adventures on Wall Street with John Olson, Get Your Kicks on Route 66 with Patti Londre and 13 Ways of Goldberg by Lara Downes.

I really enjoyed Watercolor class with their artist Jennifer Brandt…painting with such great inspiration around you as we sat in the sun by her studio.

Don’t miss classes offered with the nutritionist, BINGO with Barry Thursday night and Friday night’s Fiesta!


As you can see the options are many! But you pick your own schedule and go at your own pace. Advice for getting started? Just pick your first day’s schedule and take it from there. Here is a full sample schedule from a typical week and the schedule of Guest Presenters.

If you want to make a change in your body and mind, this week is a great way to start your journey! Now on to the spa