If you’re like me, its the time of year where you’re yearning for a sunny relaxing destination! The perfect spot for both… Miraval.

This glorious destination spa oasis sits on 400 acres in the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson. In 2010 alone, they won over 17 awards including Best Destination Spa by Travel & Leisure and American Spa magazines.

Why Miraval?

It starts with their mantra…”You won’t find you anywhere else.” Everything Miraval offers is there to provide YOU with the experience YOU need. Their spa services help you “Chill Out” while their classes and private sessions help you “Clue In.” You put it all together in any combination to create YOUR experience.

Mindfulness is their philosophy…Be here now, Be present. “Miraval provides the space – physically and spiritually – to reconnect with oneself on the path to a life in balance.” I’ve been lucky enough to experience Miraval twice. Each visit helped me make a major life decision…the clarity and inspiration four days here can bring you is amazing!

Miraval’s setting is stunning … the majestic mountain range framed by blue sky creates beautiful panoramic views, the walking trails dotted with cactus and bunnies hoping along, streams and waterfalls flow around the grounds. The cuisine is delicious…light, fresh, local, colorful, satisfying. Each meal at Cactus Flower Restaurant is not to be missed…combinations you wouldn’t think of that are even low in calories and fat. Accommodations are warm and comfortable…you start and end every day with the peaceful quiet of your surroundings (and don’t miss the Catcus Cream bath products!). The health and beauty facilities are state of the art, offering classes and services you won’t find anywhere else. The learning and personal growth activities open you up like you’ve never been before.

Miraval has all inclusive pricing, and while definitely a splurge (starting $500/nigh), it includes transportation from Tucson Airport, accommodations, all meals/snacks/non-alcoholic beverages (they service alcohol… many destination spas don’t), access to all resort amenities, $130 resort credit per person per night for spa services and private consultations. Miraval was founded in 1996. In 2006, Steve Case, co-founder of AOL, became the majority owner after his own memorable experience at the resort.

This overview has barely scratched the surface of what Miraval has to offer. Check out my next two posts and imagine your days filled with Chill-Out Spa Services and Clue-In Activities.