Miraval is the perfect combination of sun, spa and self! Their Clue-In line up, are what make this one of my favorite spas in the world! They bring the mantra “You won’t find you anywhere else” to life.

Over 100 classes are on their list with 25+ offered each day. Chose from from new and different exercise classes like Cardio Drumming and Rock-N-Roll Tennis; yoga and pilates offerings include Chi Gong, Meditation or Balance Yogilates; or try classes on cooking, nature, photography, drumming, stress relief or their zipline (my girlfriend loves it!).

Some of my favorites classes…

  • Mindfulness at Miraval: An introduction to the concept of Mindfulness; cultivate the present moment in every aspect of your life. This is the philosophy Miraval weaves into everything including other classes on the concept like Mindful Stress Mastery and Mindful Eating.
  • Instructional Trail Ride: I’ve never been an equestrian but always loved horses. At Miraval’s Purple Sage Ranch, you get your chance to interact with the horses in some amazing ways. The Instructional Trail Ride was fun! Your guide instructs you on prepping your horse for riding from groom to saddle, then I hopped up on my quarter-horse mutt Reno for a ride.
  • Lunch with the Nutritionist: Your chance to enjoy a meal with one of Miraval’s nutritionists and ask all your burning questions. We practiced mindful eating (put your fork down between each bite and eating for 5 minutes in silence), got tips on snacking (try a self made trail mix of nuts and dried fruits), talked calories, food myths and more.

You can also book Private Sessions like Astrology, 8 Weeks to Optimum Health (based on Dr. Andrew Weil’s books and programs, he’s also a special guest several times during the year) or Native American Meditation & Healing. My Private Sessions last visit were incredible…

  • Holographic Memory Resolution with Brent: By healing the memories that induce emotional and physical blockages, it is possible to resolve disease, depression, compulsivity, pain and anxiety at their source. This gifted therapist and teacher created Holographic Memory resolution™(HMr™) to teach trauma survivors tools to access their memory and resolve emotions often associated with traumatic events. Very cathartic!
  • Transformations: This intuitive psychic reading with Dana Patterson was fantastic!  You are gently guided into the experience of your inner self. It was fun, revealing and energizing! (I don’t believe this is currently offered.)

By far my favorite offering at Miraval is The Equine Experience, created by and often led by Wyatt Webb.

Classes are included in your all inclusive package and apply your $130 per day spa credit toward Private Sessions. You can literally spend all day in classes, sessions and spa services…leave time for relaxation and reflection by the pool or at the labyrinth and for the fabulous meals!

Take a look their Guide to see how your blissful days can come together at Miraval!