I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a lot of spas… too many some might say but there’s no such thing as too many in my book.

As far as day spas go Gene Juarez is one of the best! A small Seattle, Washington area chain, yes I said chain, with 8 locations, they’ve got it right. My favorite location is downtown. A little busy as you enter with the hair salon to the right a friendly staff person quickly greets you and whisks you back to the spa treatment areas. The noise is gone and you’re greeted by the soothing sounds of fountains.

While the changing area is small (I’ve yet to visit a spa that has this experience right), you’re given a soft robe and soft rubber slippers that have you walking on air then it is out to the calm dim waiting area. Most treatments start in this room with a fabulous foot bath (make sure you check-in at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment so you don’t miss it) from your massage therapist… speaking of them Lily is my favorite (again one of the best I’ve had in all my spa visits).

The next best part is entering your treatment room and climbing into the most comfortable massage table ever… a pillow top to layout then covered with a warm soft fluffy duvet cover. Already I’m in heaven! The massages are always wonderful and once it’s over you needn’t be sad… there’s still the shower. Again the best spa shower I’ve been in. The stone room has a ‘rainfall downpour’ shower head with side jets on 4 sides AND it’s a steam room so make sure to get the eucalyptus added. You walk out of the shower relaxed and invigorated. This final touch seals the deal for me!