We’re one month into the new year and I hope everyone’s doing well with their goals to make 2011 the Best Year Ever!

Wanted to share a great tool I’ve been using for the last several years to track my fitness, healthy eating and meditation goals… the Streaming Color Monthly Fitness Journal by ColorCode Mode Journals. Its an awesome calendar tool and I’ve loved it even more this year as its helping me visualize the great progress I’m making toward my goals!

ColorCode Mode Journal’s mission since 2004 is “to spread the health (in a colorful way!) We’re trying to make it easy and fun for everyone to cultivate healthier habits for life.”

The basic idea of the journal is to use COLOR to show positive actions. With their Zazzle Bright Highlighters you color in what you’ve done each day to improve your fitness or health. And you can customize it any way you want. The calendar is designed to give you maximum flexibility in what you track and how you record it.

It works like this…

  1. Decide which health and fitness habits you want to improve: Exercise goals, drinking more water (there’s a daily module for this important goal), specific diet plans, meditation, drink less caffeine, quit smoking or many more.
  2. Set up your Monthly Color Key: Use color to show positive actions you can take not to show outcomes. Set weekly and monthly goals and rewards to go with them.
  3. Take action and color in your success each day: You can only make improvements one day at a time. Each week schedule your exercise sessions in advance and stick to them! Then color in the actions you’ve taken each day. (That’s my favorite part… see my colorful month of January here :) ) Post it in a visible place… your home office or kitchen fridge… so you can track it easily and enjoy your progress!

ColorCode Mode Journal’s also have a Food Diary and Weekly Fitness Planner. Their site has a great health tools section to help in your planning. The Monthly Fitness Journal is $24 and worth the money![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]