It’s the first week of January and many of us have the goal of making this the BEST year ever! This week we’re looking at tools that can help you set out in the right direction. Monday’s Create a Vision Board. Tuesday’s Write Your Unlimited Life Plan. Today’s tool, Pave Your Life Roadmap, can help if you’re REALLY stuck on ‘what do I want to do with my life?’ The Roadmap helped me and several of my friends redirect our lives toward our passions.

Pave Your Life Roadmap

Idea Sandbox’s process will (1) assist you in identifying what you’re most passionate about and (2) help you incorporate those passions in your daily life. By living your passions, you’ll be a happier and more fulfilled person!

The key steps to crafting your Roadmap are…

  1. List Your Passions – Make a list of all the things you are passionate about.
  2. Identify Values – Group your passions into themes.
  3. Set the Situation – Determine what conditions should exist for you to feel you’re fulfilling your Values.
  4. Reveal Action Steps – Identify what daily activities you should be doing to fulfill your Values.
  5. Visual Report Card – Draw a graph to visualize and assess your current status. (Don’t worry, no drafting tools required).
  6. Take Action / Follow Your Roadmap – Now that you have the keys. Get behind the wheel and follow this plan to drive your life.

While this can take a little work, stick to it. I promise you…it will help you get clarity on where you want to go!