It’s the first week of January and many of us have the goal of making this the BEST year ever!  If you’re still contemplating your path, I’ll share a few tools this week that may help.

Vision Board

This is a great tool to help you literally envision the life you want to create. has a great section, O Dream Board, Envision Your Best Lifeâ„¢, to help you create your own Vision Board!  (I know… it’s all Oprah right now with the launch of her new network OWN, but I love her and she’s full of great advice and inspiration.)

The O Dream Board has 3 sections to help you build your board and figure out what to put on it.

  • Where to Start: Create your own board on line with quotes, photos and words to inspire and motivate you daily. You can save it, print it, change it as you go. “The first step in creating your best life is to have a clear vision of how you want your life to look in the future.”
  • Find Yourself: Take the Who Am I Meant to Be? quiz to hone in on what you want to do. This section and each of the others have links to inspirational ideas and articles.
  • Explore Your Creative Side: “The path to creating the life of your dreams starts with taking a little time each day to explore your imagination.” Great tips in this article to help and links to other suggested techniques to get your creative juices flowing.

Happy 2012 Visioning!