And as my favorite astrologer Erin Sullivan said, Happy Super Solstice!  Why Super? Because 19 and 21 December brought three rare celestial phenomena…inferior conjunction of Mercury to the Sun, Total Lunar Eclipse and The Solstice of the Sun.  The overnight’s Solstice and full lunar eclipse on the same day hasn’t happened in 372 years and won’t again until 2094!

Erin sent out a great newsletter with all the details on the topic and its meaning. My favorite part is ‘What can you DO with this information?’ and its impact to us now and in the coming weeks. I’ll summarize the parts that stand out to me, but check out Erin’s full newsletter.

  • Be at ease with your self. Focus inward on your core being…the Solstices are an ageless celebration. It is a time of “turning” inward and finding meaning in your life, work, goals, timing and reflecting on what “information” has been coming to you in the form of ideas, images, people, experiences and your personal environment.
  • Mercury is retrograding… it is a seed planting time, consciously and unconsciously. Your mind-thoughts and your purpose are merging to create an opportunity for re-vising, re-visioning, re-claiming, re-orienting, re-leasing, re-viewing and letting that be what it is.  Over the next few weeks through to New Year’s Day 2011, you will find yourself with renewed ideas to make changes and to re-inspire your life force, so breath in and “work” that information.
  • Keeping your focus burning and your purpose-idea open, you will find that you can emerge into the New Year of 2011 with a core-power that is calm, purposeful, directed and innovative.
  • It is a time of realizing what self-destructive and non-productive habits are still with us. And, over the period of the eclipse, and for the next couple of months, this systematic reorganization will begin to take hold. By thinking right thoughts, being on track with our habits and directions, you can make major life changes.
  • The most important thing to be with during this time is to be quiet. Take time to be at ease. To accept yourself, but be aware of where you may fall short of the mark in your own estimation, and change it!

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