It’s the gift giving time of year! In the spirit of giving and of Grape Occasions theme, this week I’ll share great gift ideas for wine, spa, travel and you … for anyone on your list.

Let’s start with YOU & SELF.  With the new year just after Christmas, many people have goals to develop themselves in new ways.  Here are great gifts to help on the journey!

Daily OM

  • A site dedicated to “nurturing mind, body and spirit,” they send out daily emails to support their quest and have a Gift Shop (with Books, Jewelry and Music) and offer On-line Courses (Meditation, Self Improvement, Writing, Wellness, Relaxation and more). Give a gift from their shop or give someone a certificate for an on-line course (you’ll have to make your own as they don’t have them on line but I just did it for my mom and she loved it).

Astrology with Erin Sullivan

  • I love this gift and just redeemed my ‘gift session’ from last year with Erin! For anyone on your list interested in astrology this is a cool gift! “A thorough exploration of your horoscope can be one of the most profound experiences in personal validation and self-awareness” … Erin does this through a 90-minute Astrological Consultation via Skype. Sessions are an in-depth counseling perspective on your personal, emotional, psychological and developmental experience, as well as the pragmatic aspect of daily living – work, vocation, relationships, families events, transitional stages and turning points. Check out my post on Erin or visit her site for more details.  She also offers books and astrology reports you can order.

The Best Year of Your Life

  • This is a great book by Debbie Ford for anyone on your list interested in a new direction and creating the life they love. Check out my post for more details on Debbie’s approach to building the best year of your life and her website.

Vocation Vacations

  • Vocation Vacations is dedicated to enriching people’s lives by allowing them to test-drive the job of their dreams – completely risk-free. It can be the perfect gift to give your significant other who is simply “stuck” and burned out on the job…or to your best friend who’s had a tough year after being laid-off…or to a parent giving them the opportunity to try something they always wanted to do or even pursue a possible “encore” or “second act” career. Visit their site for huge list of options!

Yoga & Meditation

  • Yoga and meditation classes are great ways to start out the new year calm, energetic and focused on developing the improved YOU. Yoga Finder is a great resource to find classes and studios in your area. Giving as a gift… find one and call for a gift card!