DailyOM is a site dedicated to “nurturing mind, body and spirit” and sends out daily emails to help in their quest.

For several years I’ve been receiving their Daily Inspiration email and Daily Horoscope. While at times they get backed up in my inbox, lately I’ve been taking the time daily to reflect on those I connect with like one in October, “Ready for Change…Declaring our Intentions. If you want to produce change in your life, take time to declare it to the universe in whatever way feels right.” It was a great mantra and purpose for me in the month of October through yoga and meditation.

Their site offers a Community section and Discussion section as well as a Gift Shop (with Books, Jewelry and Music) and On-line Courses you can sign up for (Meditation, Self Improvement, Writing, Wellness, Relaxation and more). Great as a gift for yourself or someone on your holiday list.

DailyOM is a great way to start each day… a few minutes for YOU grounding yourself with positive intention.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]