Best Year of Your LifeLast month as I was reading a Daily OM email, I saw a list of on-line courses they offer and noticed a ’21-day conscious cleanse’ from Debbie Ford.  Her name sounded familiar so clicked through to her site and realized I have one of her books, The Best Year of Your Life, on my shelf.  I took it off as my birthday approached andstarted to re-read it.  The last time I read it was 2005 and while that was a great year I thought my 38th year and 2010 are going to be the BEST year yet!

I like her philosophies and approach.  Life isn’t always perfect but you can’t keep waiting for ‘someday’.  You have to enjoy every moment and start today to build the best year of your life.  Her book has 3 sections: Dream It, Plan It, Live It taking you through the steps to get there.  And it starts with Creating a Powerful Intent… living inside your conscious intent every day letting everyone know ‘this is the best year of your life.’  My stickies are posted on my bedside clock and computer as I head off to bed tonight.

Debbie’s theme is “Create a life you love” and her website has a lot to offer.  She’s even starting ‘the 21-day conscious cleanse’ as a free online course in partnership with Oprah on Monday 4 January … check it out.

May 2010 be for all of us the BEST year of our life!