As this ‘farewell to summer’ weekend comes to a close, I thought it appropriate to share a great way to extend those summer feelings … Bobbi Brown’s beach.

Bobbi Brown beach(and that’s the make up artist not the 80’s/90’s gone bad singer.)

I discovered it while buying eye liner at the Bobbi Brown counter this summer. Picked up the perfume and thought…WOW, I love this, it smells like the beach!! Instead of buying the fragrance I picked up the Suntan Oil spf 15 and its fantastic!

If one scent could capture the atmosphere and attitude of summer, this best-selling fragrance is it. Designed with a lightly intoxicating blend of sand jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin, this eau de parfum is wearable anytime, anywhere.

It also comes in body lotion, shower gel, body oil and body scrub.

So keep that summery beach scent with you …. even as we head into autumn. :)