Or ‘goals’ as Oprah calls them…I like that term. Among Oprah’s… “to honor yourself, to have reverence for yourself

[and] to have harmony in your life”, says Winfrey. “I dare all of us to make 2009 the year we give ourselves the love we need to be happy, to be healthy, to be well and to be loved.”* I love that!

Even though its the beginning of February its not too late to write yours. I got off to a slow start the first few weeks of the year but I’ve picked up speed.

My 2009 Goals

1. Get fit!

  • detox eating as the norm (check out Carol Vorderman’s books on Amazon)
  • workout 3-4x/week
  • and slightly cut down on the wine intake :)

2.  Take control!

  • work: organize the plan, stick to it as much as possible, deploy against it, drive for results
  • personal: min 7 hrs of sleep per night, meditate 1-2x/week, journal weekly

3. Take action… just do it!

  • work: don’t leave it for later.. file or take action
  • personal: bring Grape Occasions to life

4. Be positive.

  • there’s no need to be anything other than happy!
  • go with the flow!

Any you’d like to share?

* Oprah quote from 12 Jan 2009 issue of PEOPLE magazine