I’ve always been one who reads my horoscope in magazines and newspapers. I even flip through the books at the bookstore about the year ahead. So a few years ago when I was on a 10 day solo sabbatical (after my divorce) to New Mexico for some soul searching I included Taos on my journey. I had heard wonderful things about Taos and how its a very zen place. One article said its a great place to find lots of spiritual and progressive advisors… just look at community boards in local coffee shops or bookstores. I found a couple on the boards & made appointment and tried a chakra healer but my best experience wasn’t on the boards…I actually found her on the web … astrologer Erin Sullivan.

She was in the process of moving when I called but invited me over to her place outside of town for what was an incredible session. I never knew how powerful astrology can be in providing insight. Erin did my natal chart which I’d never had done before… she needs your date, time and place of birth. This info tells you so much about the imprint placed on you when you enter the world. Some may call it a bit mumbo jumbo but I think its great to help in self discovery – who you are, why you are, where you are and where you might want to go.

It was an incredible 90-minute session… so much so that I went to visit her the following summer on a return trip to Santa Fe. And I’ve done a phone session with her since via skype from her current base in Victoria, BC. She records the session and gives you a CD so you can relisten as much as you want… there’s a lot to take in so its helpful to go back and listen. As Erin says she’s not a fortune teller… she really considers herself a type of life coach. I’d highly recommend it!

Visit her website at www.erinsullivan.com.